Dragon Quest XI: If ain’t broken..

My history with Dragon Quest is brief. The first one was DQ4 which I enjoyed a lot. I played the DS version. I loved the story and the gameplay which is basic to honest classic JRPG game.

Then I tried DQ9 but I got tired with it. Maybe because its focus was on multiplayer and…well I never had anybody to play with. So I sold it.

Next was Dragon Quest VI. DS version again. Which I did enjoyed but not as much as DQ4. I guess it was the job system which made the game more tiresome. Or maybe the story was just Meh. I dunno. I beat it and sold it.

I wanted to play DQ5 but never find a copy for my DS. Ok I lie, I did but…

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-22 a las 11.57.51 p.m.
Holy Shit!

I guess I should try the mobile version…


When DQXI was announced, I wanted to play it. It looked in many ways like DQ4 and DQ6 which got me interested.


I first thought in getting the PS4 version but when they announced it for the Switch, I decided to get that one. And I did.

7 months later after I purchased it, I decided to play it. After 4 weeks and almost 70 hours, I finally beat it.

So what can I say about DQXI? Is it good? Did I enjoy it?

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Alive and bored

Damn! I haven’t wrote anything in a month 😦

I wish that it was because I got a new job and I have been busy with it. But nope.

Unemployed Isn't Unqualified: 3 Hiring Stigmas And How To Squash Them

It seems that this “voluntary” lock-down will extend a few more thanks to a bunch of idiots that keep making parties and gatherings even if the police has told them not to. Viva Mexico -_-

Corona beer virus trends on Google
The only pandemic my fellow paisanos really believe

Job searching has been quiet and calm. This week I sent two resumes…and nothing came from them -_- The new school year will start on August but seeing how they are still weary about opening schools…I have no idea what will happen. Online classes maybe? I hope that next month or this there will be looking for more teachers and I can have a shot at it.

I have been applying for some other jobs like Data processing. I know they prefer people with less age and more experience (how the fuck that’s even possible?!) but I still applied. Maybe something will come from them…maybe.

Besides that..well, nothing. Keep wasting time playing games, and on the web. I should do something more productive but I just don’t have the interest for it.

But the real thing that has kept me busy is this lil’ thingy:


I said when I begun this game that if I get tired I’ll pause it and play something else. BUT I get hooked to a point that I am fed up with it and yet I want to see what else will happen or come. It’s a very fun game that really keeps me interested..even if the story and the game itself is nothing exciting or amazing.

Once I finish the game, I’ll write a small review, accompanied with a video in my YT channel. And then, I’ll take a break from long, time-sinking games. Maybe play some retro games in my collection that I haven’t played in a long time. Or watch some movies.

Speaking of games..there’s nothing there that makes me excited. PS and Xbox are meh and Nintendo has been too silent. I know that they are observing the pandemic and its consequences, but in their investors brief they said that they are on schedule and nothing has changed…so what are they waiting for? I wonder what they will do for Mario’s 35th anniversary or maybe an update about Zelda BOTW 2 and/or Metroid Prime or maybe a new cool game…jesus ANYTHING! Nintendo is the company that is keeping my interest in video gaming afloat. If it was only xbox or PS…*shudders*

What about movies? Something interest?

Hollywood is dead. Not physically but morally and intellectually. Right now, the biggest and most important film industry in the world is a huge pile of shit.

So the next couple of years will see more SJW garbage from Hollyweird were white straight males are EEEEEVIIIIILLL and keep listening to the narcissists and sociopaths from Hollywood. Does that sounds like a industry that I want to support?


But that’s OK. I have lots of good classic timeless movies that I never get tired of watching. I watched All About Eve last week and is a masterpiece of dialogues, acting and directing. Hollywood doesn’t have the brainpower to make masterpieces like this anymore.

Trump’s win and the pandemic has made Hollywood stupid and aberrant. I see it as a forrest who’s trees have grew too much and is expanding and eating all the ecosystem. It can’t grew new life and doesn’t let the sun come thru. What Hollywood needs is a purifying fire.

How Wildfires Are Polluting Rivers and Threatening Water Supplies ...

Burn the industry to ashes so it can grew again and this time in the right (or at least the less idiotic) way. Seeing how big companies like Disney are bleeding money..maybe it will come sooner than later.

Anyways…July has come and will go as fast as always. I can’t wait for next year remembering these days as something distant and long. Or at least find a new job soon.

Consoles vs PC’s: The eternal debate

Consoles vs PC’s: The eternal debate

Any gamer, at any time of its life, had this same argument with friends, peers and the like. Which one is better? A gaming console or a Gaming PC?


The answers will be the same as if you ask somebody who is better: The Dallas Cowboys or the New England Patriots? Everybody will defend their favorite team to very corny and fierce lengths. They inflate virtues and ignore flaws. They will quote statistics, wins and loses and in the end, they will tell why they LOVE it, no matter one.

Just don’t do that in Europe. They get very touchy with their Futbohl

And that’s pretty much the end of it: whoever enjoy PC will play on PC and who ever play on console will play on console, no matter what facts or figures you hear and know. You may have converts in each side but is rare.

Me? I am more of a console gamer. I have played on PC but I have never been fan of playing video games on a desk or workstation. For me, the arcade element of gaming is more important than anything else.

By arcade gaming I am talking about what it constitutes the foundations of gaming: accessible, practical, challenging, exciting, to the point, and most of all and more important, FUN. Yeah 60fps is awesome, story is important and creativity is fine…but if it doesn’t engages me, amuses me and excites me, I don’t care about the rest. Which is something that modern gaming has been doing lately.

The definition of a gaming console is to bring those arcade elements to the home. Consoles are practical, plug and play, is about not wasting time with configurations and the like. Just turn on and play and have fun. If you are playing with someone else, the better…just like the arcades.

The little problem is, modern consoles have been losing on this part since the freaking seventh generation, when game consoles started to imitate PCs more and more.

Nowadays, these discussions doesn’t have the same weight they had 20 or maybe 15 years ago. Before if you asked “what is better: PC or console?”, it was like asking “what do you like the most: going to the beach or going to the country”?

Now that question sounds more like: “what do you like the most: Disneyland or Disney World?”.

Liberal hell or Conservative hell? Your choice

In the past, talking about PC gaming and Console gaming was a different beast than today. In the mid-90s, PCs for gaming started to have more presence than before. Yet, making a PC with a high-end graphics card, a fast CPU and more RAM was very expensive:

  • There wasn’t a huge selection of graphic cards available at the time. 3DFx was the king and both Nvidia and ATI were still getting through.
  • RAM was expensive
  • Pentium was still behind MIPS (PS and N64) or even PowerPC.

Consoles on the other hand:

  • They offered 3D graphics available for the masses.
  • The price of a Playstation or a Nintendo 64 was a much better value than a expensive PC.

The only huge advantage PC’s offered then was the Internet. By the mid-90s, Internet was catching the attention of the mass audiences and a PC was the only way to go. Online gaming was more broad on PCs by the mid to late 90s while game consoles were still experimenting, with very disappointing results.

$200 to play bomberman over phone line? No thanks!

A very common argument there was “with what I spent on a gaming PC I can buy 5 consoles”. It was a bit of exaggeration but it wasn’t that far off.

20 years later and today things are different.

Modern game consoles from Sony and Microsoft are pretty much Mid to High-range PCs that connect to the TV. The basic elements of what makes a console attractive are gone or diluted. If in the past, you just took your console, connected it and play, now you must configure it like a PC with long updates and patches and all that crap that PC users have endured for years but was something console users never had to worry or care. Now, we can’t play a goddamn video game with downloading a stupid update. Gone are the days of plug and play console gaming.

Today, there are more options for building a gaming PC with the same configuration of a PS4 or an Xbox One. Of course if you wanna go Pro, it will be more expensive. But the huge offer for RAM, CPUs and Graphics card make it a better value than in the 90s and maybe even in the 2000s.

There are still some pros and cons when it comes to choose a PC or a Console:


Game consoles have only one default control configuration and you don’t have to worry if your game will have issues with it or not.  Also you don’t need 6 different accounts to play games.


On the other hand, PCs are customizable, so when it’s time to update you don’t have to buy a new one, just the parts that are important. Also games are normally cheap because Steam, GOG, Uplay and others always have sales at different times through the year. But the most important and that’s what gives an edge over consoles: Online gaming is free.

That’s something I dislike when it comes to modern consoles:having to pay to play online. And boy, is not cheap at all.


What about the most important thing if gaming? THE GAMES? If you like games from Rockstar, Capcom, Activision, Square enix,…ugh Electronic Arts…


..and all of the third parties out there..the 3 platforms will have you covered. The tie-breaker here are the exclusivities.

If you like Grand Turismo, God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Little Big Planet and so on..Playstation is the place to go. If you like Gears or War, Halo, Forza Motorsport…..Ryse?..well, they are both in PC and Xbox so it doesn’t matter.

That may be the reason why many that used to be Playstation users or Xbox users are now on PC.  As good as their exclusive IPs are, the real reason why they used to buy a PS or XBX was mostlt for the 3d parties, and the huge majority of them are also on PC.

PS and Xbox are mid-range PCs that connect to the TV. That in itself is not bad. Not everybody needs or cares about 4k, 60 fps and all that mumbo jumbo that, as good as there is, is not important or necessary for a great gaming experience. The real advantage, at least for me, that PS and Xbox consoles have over PC is that they offer the same content than a PC and doesn’t need huge pro cutting edge technology to deliver it. On the other hand PCs, have free online gaming and many different online stores to pick sales and offers.

As I said is a matter of personal choice.

“Hey hey! wait a second! You forget about Nintendo consoles!”


Oh I haven’t forget about them. I decided to leave them in the end for a good reason.

In other times, I would mention Nintendo among PS and Xbox but the last two have being erasing the thin red line between console and PCs that, as I mentioned, those are more User-PCs than full fledged consoles.

If we are going to talk about game consoles in their purest form and classic core, Nintendo is the king. Nintendo consoles are REAL CONSOLES. They have all the arcade elements I mentioned and are designed to be as plug as play as possible.

Nintendo is not a company that chases the big, fat trends to attract the Pro hardcores that buy thousands of games for a dollar and never played them or just care about status with the other hardcores.

Nintendo is a toy company. For them, the user experience, the fun factor, finding new ways to engage their customers is more important. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about technology. Of course they do! But for them technology is a tool to get to a goal:


NES was designed to offer a good technology that goes to the point while giving an easy and accessible input to make gaming fun and attractive. A trend the SNES followed with better sounds and graphics.


Gameboy was to bring the simple portable fun the game-and-watch machines did with better tech and features.


Nintendo 64 offered 3D graphics in a cheap and easy way for the masses. Gamecube followed with that too


Wii created a versatile control that would lower the barriers modern gaming was building at the time


Nintendo DS brought touch screen and portable online gaming.


Switch merged both the best from TV gaming and the best of portable gaming.

Their aim is to make boxes that play fun games for all kinds of gamers: new, old, pro, boys, girls, and so on. That doesn’t mean they are perfect or that they haven’t failed. They did. But not because of the technology but for other factors…which I would like to explore in another post.

Yes, they couldn’t escape from the annoying mandatory updates and pay online (which they avoided as much as possible in the last 2 generations). Even so, Nintendo consoles still feel unique in their design and no matter who you ask, is always interesting to see what ideas they will introduce in their next generation of consoles.

Anyway, to wrap it up, here are my personal insights:

If you want true, fun and amazing console gaming, go with Nintendo.

If you want a third party box for cheap, get an xbox or PS

If you want third party games on cutting edge technology and not pay to play online, then get a PC.



The Future of Gaming?

The Future of Gaming?

Ayup. I watched the PS5 reveal this afternoon.

And if you were wondering, yeah I watched the one about Xbox X series a month ago.

Then why I didn’t mention it? Because that thing was such a bore that I didn’t find anything interest to talk about.


Not that this one was better. Yes, there were more gameplay shown than in the Xbox one which only had cinematic trailers, but the number of interesting games was very small.

Anyway, the PS5. Unlike Xbox, I am more openly interested to see what it has to show because, well is Playstation. One of gaming’s most important brand around the world…after Nintendo.

This reveal was just…meh. Lots of gameplay but most of them are indie crap and games that could be running on PS4 with no problem. The only games that caught my attention somehow were:

I only played one R&C game. The one and only on PS4. It was fun and entertaining but not something I would play over and over again. It looks OK but that’s it.

I honestly don’t know why everybody goes bananas with Miles Morales. Into the spider-verse was fun but people treated it like the second coming of christ or something. Because he’s POC? That’s it? Why is that important? Would everybody acted the same if he was asian or other race? This obsession with putting virtue into race is annoying. I am not saying is a bad character but of all the versions of Spider-man, this is the one everybody makes them lose their shit.

Anyway, the game. Looks….I don’t know. Like the first Spider-man, which I haven’t played yet -_- Looks fun and it’s Spider-man. I guess that’s all.

Hey come on! I am a Resident Evil nut! I have been waiting to hear something..ANYTHING! About RE8 and I am glad they finally showed it. Too bad that won’t come to PS4 -_- but if there’s a game that would make me buy a PS5 is this one.

What about the others?

  • GTA V. Jesus fuckin’ christ! ANOTHER GTA5?! This game is 10 years old and they can’t just move on to 6?! God, I am not even a GTA fan and this is goddamn stupid!
  • Horizon 2. Never played the game. I don’t know why but I never cared about it.
  • Destruction All-Stars. Yay?
  • Project Arthia. I bet you this game will become Final Fantasy XVI. They are that freakin’ lazy.
  • Another Oddworld game. Does anybody enjoy these ones? I guess…

Hitman, Godfall, Grand Turismo, a sackboy (I honestly forgot those games existed), a FPS with cartoony graphics where you battled and empowered black female that you can’t never defeat (because that was so fun on Uncharted 4), a new game from Shinji Mikami,  Demons souls..

and lots, lots, lots of indie crap….A LOT.

There’s something about “indie” games that I just can’t stand and I cannot put my finger on. Maybe is the fact they feel like pastiches or copies of other better and more polished games. Or maybe because they cannot just make another genre that is not a “metroidvania” or rpg Or is the artsy fartsy style or their annoying wokeness around it (all characters are either women or feminine men) or the fact that they are more interested in shove you walls of text and story and characters than making a game, I don’t know, FUN.

That’s it. They are simply, just not fun at all.

Why Sony decided to full like 70% of their presentation with indie BS I don’t know. I almost fell asleep, honestly.

But what I was really, truly interested is in the final design of the console. I love to see how they design their consoles and their form factor. And they did!



Dear god…

serveimage (3)

Don’t do they teach ergonomy and functionality at wherever they teach industrial design?

There will be 2 versions: one with a blu-ray drive and the other 100% digital.

PlayStation 5 de Sony: Precio, lanzamiento y juegos - CNET en Español

The BD one has a little butt on its side.

you may spank it meme | Tumblr

OK yeah it’s better than XBOX SERIES X cylinder block design but I am not very fond of this one either. At least XSX has a gray, classy look. This is just plain dumb.

Oh well..we all know they will redesign it in a couple years anyhoo.

And that’s pretty much it. So Xbox has shown their plans for 2020 as well as Sony. The only one left is Nintendo. I doubt they will make a Direct this month. That would be awesome but I doubt it. I hope I am wrong!

Will I get this console? Will see. Maybe for Resident Evil 8. Or after they release the “slim” cheaper version. Oh you know they will!

This presentation was more entertaining than the Xbox in May but I wasn’t very wild about it. And is not that they shown bad games. They didn’t. But because what they shown is the same kind of stuff we have since since the freaking PS2 days. They say is the future of games but is exactly as today’s gaming.

In the last years…heck decades! gaming has become too generic and bland. There are still good games of course, but gaming in general looks everyday more like modern Hollywood where their products look, sound, and feel the same. They are fun for a while but they don’t stay with you.

used-games | Atomix
They stay here, though.

Gamers aren’t completely free of fault either. I find funny how they cry for innovation and creativity but keep buying FIFA, Assassin’s creed and Call of Duty every year. Not that they are bad but you have to be very naive to not realize that these games are pretty much copy-past-makeover every year.

I can’t believe! I am looking double! 8 Call of Dutys!

Not to mention that games are getting stupidly expensive to make. In the 80s, developers didn’t have Unreal Engines or Unitys or Havoks. They had to make their own tools and know each system. Game like Sonic, Mario, Mega man, Castlevania were done with a bunch of people and you didn’t have to wait years between each installment. For example, we have 4 mainline numbered Resident Evil games from 1996 to 2000…now we had 2..that’s it 2 mainline numbered Resident Evil games in the same timeline! Why because those fucking leaves in those trees must be rendered in 4k or else!

I know that gaming has reached a good enough point since the mid noughties but seriously there’s nothing else to do? Everything has been done in gaming already? Will the future be generic free to play shooting games over and over again? Boring woke indie bullshit? Really?

Nintendo is the one that barely gets away from it. BARELY. Switch is 4 years old and there has yet to be another amazing experience or “killer app” for it. It has tons of very good games but what else? Breath of the wild gave life back to the series but the others? Mario Odyssey was simply Mario sunshine with steroids. Animal Crossing is amazing but nothing we haven’t seen before. Where’s 2D Mario, Nintendo’s biggest flagship? What about Metroid? Star Fox? Donkey Kong? or heck something new and exciting.


I am a gamer and I want to feel that level of excitement that I used to feel when I was younger. And you can say that when you get old, you stop feeling excited with new things unlike young people..and yeah you may be right, I won’t deny it.

I am still an optimistic Generation X gamer that hope one day to see a renaissance in gaming that not only brings new and exciting ideas and milestones to gaming. When will that come from? Well…not from Sony and Microsoft that for sure! Nintendo..maybe…when their drunkenness of success fades out and they get shot in the foot like they always do.

How the Government shoots BEE in the foot - Tusker
Old habits die hard


Lockdown Report

100 days later…

Although technically, we have never been in quarantine or mandatory lockdown here in Mexico, many venues, places and business were closed and the public transportation was reduced. So nowhere to go even if we wanted to. No cinemas, no restaurants, no gyms and so on.

Remember how we laughed about this….*sighs*

Starting this june, many businesses started to open with some restrictions. For example, Restaurants will only at the 50% capacity, cinemas are still closed until (at least) the end of june and even so, may not be like before. Gyms are still closed and schools will finish their year online and will be back on August or September.

Of course, many started to go out and BAM! more infections. And everybody got panicked.

Well duh! what they did expect?!

Most of the people has been locked in their houses for months! Their immunological systems weren’t active or exposed so they are weak and frail. Here in my small city, they announced an extended lockdown of 15 days because a spike on contagions.

If it didn’t work with 100 days what makes them think it will work with 15?! That’s stupid.

Right now, nobody can criticize the lockdown or the virus without being labeled as a nutcase. But there are things that are bordering on the paranoid and sensationalist.

No, the virus won’t go. It’s a type of influenza and it will become endemic with time. But the immunological system most start to be prepared. Yes there have been lots of contagions. That’s normal. It’s a new virus and our body is not used to it. Yes there have been dead, but check the statistics. Besides elderly and children and people with serious diseases like cancer, most of the people that died of coronavirus related things were obese, with diabetes and/or hypertension. If anything, the real “disease” is the high levels of obesity.

It’s obvious that, after 100 days, this lockdown is not working. There must be another solution. Being out of everything is just not healthy nor sane.


I have been watching the 6 Star Wars Saga movies (YES! SIX!), the 3 Lord of the Rings Extended editions movies and I started to watch the 8 Harry Potter movies. Why? Well….why not? I have these in my library and haven’t watched them in years. Specially LOTR and Harry Potter.

I have talked about Star Wars many times here in my blog, but not so many about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. That’s a neat idea 😀

About movies, there’s one movie I don’t think I have talked and I liked it and I have seen 3 remakes of it!

Mamma mia!

That’s a good idea for an entry and maybe a video too! That movie has like 20 remakes in less than 5 years <_< I’ll see if I can check some others and make a comparison.

El E3 2020 no tendrá ni tan siquiera un evento Online, cada ...

June was the month of E3 but has been canceled. Ya know? I don’t miss E3 but I do miss the news and expectations about it. PS5 was going to be shown this week but was postponed because of the attention seeking marxist psychos that destroy and attack in the name of diversity and love.

But the one I miss the most is the Nintendo Direct. The last one was in March and it was a tiny one with not that much exciting news. They have said that they don’t have anything prepared….but I hope they at least show something..anything…to curb my enthusiasm.

AGDQ 2019 Chat Thread: $300 in emotes, $400 in bandwidth (Horny is ...

Since the year started, it has been nothing but misery and apathy. This is the kind of depression I hate. The one that doesn’t make want to do anything. I need a job. I have been looking for something to do at home in the meantime but nothing.

About videogames..I still play Animal Crossing but I just reached the point where I don’t have much to do besides talking with my villagers, making money to pay my mortgage and so on. I miss the fish tournaments, bug offs and working in the cafeteria -_- They announced more stuff coming, though.

I have also playing many games I haven’t played in a long time like DK Jungle Beat, Symphony of the night, Hyrule Warriors and Star Fox 64. I haven’t updated them in the sidebar because…well…eh.

But there’s a game I have been postponing because I know is a very long, time consuming one:

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition ...

I got it since last november and never had the cojones to tackle it. And I think is time to do it. I can play and stop playing for a while and not rush it. I don’t have to play it in a sit.

I want to make more videos but I can’t decide what to talk about. An idea would be to adapt my Gaming Life entries. or maybe the Filmmakers one which I never continued <_<

We’ll see. Would be awesome to find a job this month….that would be great. But I doubt it.

So we are getting the Snyder’s cut after all…

Well, apparently many wanted it. Because of all the drama surrounding it many wanted the original version that was intended and even shown in the first trailer before it was wedonized.


Me? I don’t care. I really doubt that it will be any better, mostly because I find Zack Snyder’s “style” boring, pretentious and shallow. Not that Whedon’s recut was better though…

But is not actually that. I mean, why? What’s the point? Yeah is cool to give fans what they were asking. But this is not and has never been a huge mega succesful movie that warranted a second chance. Who are gonna watch this? The masses? Doubt it. They have move on from the train wreck that was the DCU. The fans? sure. But it won’t go beyond that.

Besides, Snyder’s Cut is a bit misleading because his vision was already changed while filming it and the studio meddled even before Josh Weddon was hired. Remember that this was a 2-part movie and was rewritten to be one, after Batman V Superman failed and people were indifferent about it.

Personally, I have been already burned out by Snyder’s vision of the DC characters. Enough is enough. Man of steel was boring and pretentious, with a Superman that only adults that never moved on from teenagehood like. Because, of course! when I think of Superman I think of a moody, depressed dude that never chooses to be Superman and don’t give two damns about risking civilian lives.

Batman v Superman was worse. Long, tiresome, boring. They promised us this:

And we got this:

Why they would believe that Superman uses fire weapons against terrorists? Who the hell is “jack” and why Bruce wayne cared too much?! They kept telling us that there are tension between the two but it never truly shows. We are only told about it. Batman’s motivations are dumb and never land and Superman’s…well, he doesn’t have any! He just don’t like Batman because….reasons. Yeah yeah they keep saying why but Rule Numero Uno in cinematic storytelling:

And before you ask, yes I watched the Extended Edition and is just a bit better. But not enough. Most of the plot elements feel forced. It never gave us an organic reason to care about Batman fighting Superman. Just “shut and enjoy the pretty shots”.

Take for example Captain America: Civil War, when we arrive to the Second Act and see the Avengers fight each other, it actually makes sense because we SAW the tension between them and SAW how they started to distrust each other. There are also 10 movies before it of course, which shows that good things come to those who wait.

It’s CA:CW better than BvS? Eeehh I suppose..yeah. I am not big fan of it (I never liked the twist, is as dumb as “MARTHAAAAA!”) but at least, it delivered what it promised, BvS on the other hand, promised too much and delivered too little.

And then…Justice League. Jesus.

I have that movie in my collection. No because it’s good, no no..

no no no

When I was a kid, I loved watching Superfriends on TV.

I loved watching Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash…and the rest, working together and fighting together. And when Batman 89 appeared I dreamed watching a movie with Batman and Superman (in that time I thought about Reeve’s Superman) doing Superfriendy things. Three decades later and I finally have it.

Godddamn what the hell happened?

The Avengers movies have flaws but they are excellent Blockbusters because they treat their audience with respect and deliver what they promised. They are also very well crafted and produced.

JL is a mess. Neither of the characters (besides Batman, wonder woman and maybe Superman) are interesting or important to care about. We must just accept them because fuck you that’s why. The story is full of holes, and the story is rushed and dumb.

You can say that is because the studio interfered and Josh whedon wrote more jokes and all. But what on earth makes you believe it will be better? Judging by other Snyder’s masterpieces it will be pure slow-mo (like 300), too many flashbacks (like Watchmen), moody and depresing (Man of steel), and emphasis in cinematography and cool shots instead of character development or story. (Batman v Superman…and all of the above).

Granted, I’ll watch it when is released. I am not sure on HBO Max because, normaly those services take forever to come to Mexicoland. I guess I’ll use the good ol’ trust one:

But I’ll be moved more by curiosity than excitement. Sure, I may be wrong and it end up being a great movie…maybe. And I hope so.

I wouldn’t hold my breath, anyhoo.

Retro Gaming Magazines 2: Video Tips

In the past post about Retrogaming magazines, I mentioned that I bought two magazines that December of 1994, being one of them Game Pro en Español. Which was the other one?

2020-04-19 17.11.15.jpg

Video Tips was a magazine created to compete with Club Nintendo, Itochu’s way to promote Nintendo games in Mexico and Latin America. Needless to say that Club Nintendo was successful and helped Nintendo have a stronghold presence in the Videogame Mexican Market.

But what about the other consoles? Like Sega? Even though Nintendo was a hit in Mexico, there were many Sega fans, especially in the biggest metropolitan areas and in my cute small hometown in the north of Mexico.

Sweet Home Laguna

Being a Sega fanboy, I didn’t care about Club Nintendo. I wanted to know more about Sega and imported magazines were the only way. But before Game Pro en Español appeared, Televisa (yup those ones) decided to compete with Itochu and Club Nintendo, not only with talking about Nintendo but the other ones.

And that’s how Video Tips was born.

The magazine I have was in its second year when it was released. So that means it was founded in 1993 I guess. And although I have read it on newsstands and the like, I always preferred the Northamerican or Spanish ones to know more about Sega. Video Tips always seemed to me as kinda low quality.

So why I bought it? I was only thinking of buying GamePro only but I realized I could get this one too. And I thought, “what the heck”. And I got both.

The first thing you may notice when opening and going thru the pages is that the quality of the paper is not that bad. It’s even better than GamePro’s. The size is actually good.

The content on the other hand…

Reading the magazine you start to notice something about the language used and the design inside. While Club Nintendo was created by people that not only loved Nintendo but KNEW about Videogames…Video Tips is the complete opposite.

Imagine that… I don’t know, your parents, are tasked to make a Video game magazine.

A what of what?

But they have NO idea how to and their only knowledge about videogames is to call every freakin’ console an Atari because that’s the last thing they were in contact with videogames and your dad believes that consoles destroy TVs.

That magazine is Video Tips.

It’s aimed at children first and foremost. Expressions like “como la ves?” (well you look at that?), “No te parece fantastico” (isn’t that awesome?), “esta SUPER!” (it’s Super!) or butchering the Simpsons characters names (calling Montgomery Burns.. “bongomery” -_- ).

2020-04-19 17.12.57.jpg

It’s like your mom trying to act cool while having a conversation about videogames. It’s….kinda embarrassing, to be honest.

Video Tips followed a similar approach like Club Nintendo. Instead of reviewing games and give them a score. It talks about the games while giving you tips and tactics to survive. That’s nice. But the guides here feel either rushed or “eh whatever”.

Take for example the one about Contra Hard Corps for the Genesis.


2020-04-19 17.13.38.jpg
Who was the genius that squashed that image?

2020-04-19 17.14.02.jpg

It starts well with introductions for each character and some walkthrough. But, because the person that made this guide doesn’t know to play with another character than Browney…the guide is done around the character. What if you want to play as the dude, the chick or the dog? No, fuck you. Play as Browny -_- And is not even complete. It finishes in the middle of the levels and that’s it.

The ones for Jurassic park Rampage Edition, Mega Man V  and Virtual Bart are a bit better. But feel rushed in some way. And “Avari”?! They couldn’t hire a copywriter that knew English?! Geez!

They also have combos for Darkstalkers and King of Fighters 94. Speaking of which…

2020-04-19 17.15.08.jpg

They put the photos backward! what the fuck?! Did the editor…


..Angel noticed or just didn’t give a damn? I bet he didn’t even know what King of Fighters was.

There’s also a section dedicated to peripherals and accessories.

2020-04-19 17.15.41.jpg

Cool! Quick question though: HOW MUCH THEY COST?! AND WHERE DO I GET THEM?!

They just mention what are they and what they do. And that was it.  That’s being fucking lazy -_-

2020-04-19 17.15.59.jpg

The Mailbox section is quite long but has some interesting questions. But the tone changes drastically when you read the letter section. You can see that the person in charge has ZERO interest in the subjects and just wants to get done with it.

For example:

2020-04-19 17.16.15.jpg

Lil’ Francisco asks about MegaMan Wily wars and many passwords. The response:

“Wily wars may come this month and lets others ask your questions here”

You have only one job dude! Come on!

Then you have this one:


This buddy wants to know more about the NES (in 1994 it was still in production and here in Mexico many were still playing with it) and asks if they could ask Nintendo to make a Super Sidekicks game for NES.

I mean, it is cute thinking that Nintendo will spend money in a game like this one

in a dying console. I get it. But then this response:

2020-04-19 17.16.29.jpg

“You just did it in this section!”..really?! Nintendo will be reading this magazine?! come on! they could have recommended some games not give him some white blatant lies. I hope Ocram didn’t wait too long to NOT see Super Sidekicks on NES :/

A section I liked was one called Bazar where gamers could sell, buy and trade games. In times before Facebook marketplace or eBay, it was a neat idea. However, there were some funny trade requests than even then I thought were too dumb:

2020-04-19 17.16.58.jpg

“I trade an NES with 2 controls and 5 cartridges for a SNES with Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury and Turtles in Time”


2020-04-19 17.17.07.jpg

“I trade Silent Service for TMNT 3”


2020-04-19 17.17.12.jpg

“I trade a Zelda Watch, a 98-in-1 handheld and a Family (a.k.a Famiclone) for a SNES”


And so on and so on. I mean seriously…I wonder if somebody answered them…

Then there’s a report about the CD-ROM technology…

2020-04-19 17.17.41.jpg

Not bad but…couldn’t they make it a little more interesting instead of a huge wall-o-text? I mean…it’s actually very complete but all the small text makes it hard to draw people to it.

Then they talk about a PC game called Alcatraz…

2020-04-19 17.17.49.jpg

A preview of Samurai Shodown II…

2020-04-19 17.17.57.jpg

More moves for Darkstalkers…

2020-04-19 17.18.15.jpg

One for Pin Ball games…

2020-04-19 17.18.30.jpg

A one-page, uninteresting report about CES and apparently it was going to be done in Mexico but backed up at the last moment…

2020-04-19 17.18.39.jpg

One about Capcoom. Which was fine and gave a small story of the company but again, the language used was a bit childish.

2020-04-19 17.18.47.jpg

And finally, about a report from a Spanish Fair where Sega showed many stuff and plans.

2020-04-19 17.18.58.jpg

And that’s pretty much it. So what’s wrong with it? Sounded nice overall huh? Well, this is the only issue I got and I never wanted to buy another one. Why?

Forget about the mom and pop language or the “in your face” graphic design…the magazine felt way too bloated and inconsistent.

They talk about games, drawings, a freaking comic book, too many moves for Darkstalkers, 4 pages for trading and selling, reports about…whatever they want to. It lacked focus and it was just mediocre at best.  Say what you want about Club Nintendo (yeah it was glorified catalog for Nintendo games through Itochu) but you can feel that the staff enjoyed working there and were passionate about gaming. Video Tips, on the other hand, felt like a magazine created by a committee of people that don’t like or care about videogames. There’s just no passion for it.

Let’s make a game magazine with all the neat things kids love…kids still say neat, right?

Surprisingly it lasted 2 years and part of 1995 before being discontinued (I don’t know why, to be honest, but I guess the Economic crisis of late 1994 had something to do with it. I doubt anybody missed it. It was nice for a while and a counterpart to the Nintendo-exclusive competition. I still keep it as a memento of a beloved time, at least for me, of gaming. And besides, the 5th Generation of consoles was about to arrive and a magazine like Video Tips wouldn’t just survive.



Not quite. But close. So far is more of a voluntary indoor keeping.


Here in Mexico we have a “Healthy Distance” program which is, not to close, no gatherings, and wash your hands like Howard Huges.

Yet, here where I live, the mayor said that it would be mandatory to use face masks and many supermarkets are not letting seniors enter. I understand but many seniors need to buy food and are alone. I think they should have another way.

In the last two weeks, I have reduced my house exits. But I cannot just say “won’t get out”. It’s only me and my mom and she is old and has a higher risk of getting that virus. So it is only me that has to go out to buy anything that is needed (mostly food and medicines). I use the freaking mask and wash my hands and face when I return. My mom doesn’t want me to go out even if is quick. But better I than she.

I wonder if all this is for real or is exaggerated…no I don’t wanna be like those morons that say that is nothing and is fake. I do believe is real. But then you read that the way deaths are reported…maybe the media and government are exaggerating for a reason?

Ugh better not getting those damn ideas..one then starts sounding paranoid and all.

Of course, with all these, the job offers are very low. If in the past months I could, at least, send a resume per week, now there are only very low-income jobs. Many schools are closed. They said that it would be until April 20th but they are now saying it will be more likely until the 30th..maybe.

So the only thing I know to do it right now is on hold.

That made me think about changing careers. I am tired of teaching. I got the gist of it but overall is a huge meh for me. It would be cool to study something else. But the things I like are expensive.


Three Stunning Filmmaking Tutorials Every Aspiring Filmmaker Needs ...


Anyway, so far I cannot do much with schools and lots of business closed. I hope that by next month we go back to normal at least slowly.

Meanwhile what to do?

I thought that I would be playing games all day but I get tired of it. I also started to watch many movies but I am getting tired of it too -_-  I was thinking about making more videos but I just don’t feel any interest. Same with my blog. And drawing? Eh, we’ll see.

I feared this. The tedium turning to depression. If I had an income I would be more relaxed. But just to think that, after this pandemonium passes, there may not be any job offerings for a couple of months, keeps me awake at nights.

Well, no point in being depressed and melancholic. Things will past and will improve someday.

I hope it just doesn’t take that long.


Welp, because I wrote this post when I was still employed (apparently) and so far no job, no close prospects which mean no dinero..there will be some changes for the 2020 RE month-a-Rama.

The plan was to play the remake of Resident Evil 3 on April.

But because I won’t buy it this month..nor the next one…unless a miracle happens…then I’ll play something else instead.

So after doing some organizing, the rest of the months will be like this:

  • APRIL-Resident Evil 2 (Game Cube)
  • MAY-Resident Evil 4 (Switch)
  • JUNE-Resident Evil 5 (Switch)
  • JULY -Resident Evil 6 (Switch)
  • AUGUST-Resident Evil Revelations (Wii U)
  • SEPTEMBER-Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4)
  • OCTOBER-Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)
  • NOVEMBER-Resident Evil 7 (PS4)
  • DECEMBER-Resident Evil 3 (PS4)

“wait! you skipped Resident Evil Code Veronica!”

Yeah, about that game…


RE:CV is one of my least…no no..is MY LEAST favorite RE game I have played.

“worse than Zero?!”

Zero is annoying but at least is short. It’s far from being one of my favorites but I can tolerate it.

“worse than 6?!”

Oh, 6 is a stupid RE game..but a fun, senseless zombie-shooter. If I see it that way it can be somehow fun. Of course, compared to other REs is one of the worst but I can enjoy it some degree.

So no, fuck Code Veronica. It’s a cheap (as in cheating), overbloated game with dumb characters and tedious, unfair gameplay.

See ya ’round.